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Brandmotion 360 Degree Vision Kit

Brand: Brandmotion | Category: Backup Camera

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Product Description

Full 360° Vision Systems, also known as Bird’s-Eye View or Surround View Monitor Systems, are the next step in adding useful ‘eyes’ around your vehicle. Full 360° Vision can help prevent accidents and make low speed maneuvering easier than ever before. The systems are an emerging feature on high end luxury vehicles, often only available on higher trim levels or as part of a technology package. Brandmotion is pleased to make this feature available al a carte for a wide range of vehicles.

The system consists of 4 cameras (front, rear and both sides), a control module, and an included toggle button. Once installed, the system becomes the ultimate aid for low speed maneuvering, especially in tight or crowded areas.

When you put the vehicle in reverse, you’ll see a rear camera image with park lines pop up alongside a bird’s-eye vehicle image. For a full screen rear view, simply press and hold the toggle button.

When you put the vehicle in forward gear, simply press the 360 button on your dash for a split screen view of your front camera and bird’s-eye vehicle image. Press and hold the button for a full screen view of your front camera.

Press again to get a split view of the front and both side cameras.

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